A Freshman at Life

In the span of four days, I graduated from college, moved to York, and started work.

It’s good that it has been such a rapid transition. That way, I can’t wallow over the fact that my wonderful college days are over and that I don’t know when I will see many of my friends again.

After the ceremony on Saturday, my family and I headed to my roommate’s family’s home in York to move my stuff and for a party with her family and her boyfriend’s family.

On Sunday, Pentecost, I got to go to my new parish. It’s about a mile and a half away. I walked there yesterday for a prayer service. It was a little bit too far in the 85+ degree humidity. There are a lot of programs and events at this parish to be involved in; more than I have ever seen at a Catholic church. I was the youngest person at the prayer service last night by at least 40 years. In two weeks, we’re all going out to dinner.

I am also the youngest person in the newsroom. I’m the only new person, other than the part-time intern who started the same day I did. She just does data entry.

Within the first two days of work, I filed six stories: four briefs and two regular pieces. One of my briefs was published on the front page of Tuesday’s paper.

I love my job. It is tiring, frustrating, fun, and rewarding. I have one editor who is hard to read and is liberal with criticism. My boss expects good work and corrects my mistakes, but is more gentle about it. I’m realizing how rusty I am. I have not done news for about a year. I need to brush up on AP style and quickly cranking out pieces. 

I’m realizing that even though I have a degree, I do not know much. I don’t know anything about this community or about the specifics of my job. I do not know how to work our content management system. I’m realizing that I REALLY needed to take a class in journalism law.

I feel like I am a Freshman at life. I’m constantly making mistakes, feeling like the weakest link, and embarrassing myself. I know this is normal and it will all change in time, but it is frustrating. This is what makes my job tiring. Next week, I will know more and I will embarrass myself less (I sure hope!!).

Rather than having Saturdays and Sundays off, I have Wednesdays and Thursdays off. I wish I were at work right now, but I need the rest. It’s been several weeks since I’ve had a day off!

Sampling of clips from the past two days:

Hoarding (If you only have time to read one article, read this one)

Voter Turnout

Gettysburg Stamp


One response to “A Freshman at Life

  1. Surrogate Mom

    Transitions are always hard and this transition is probably one of the hardest. And you are being too hard on yourself! You are not supposed to know everything yet 🙂 But it will come!

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