Coherent Sentences

I have discovered a new kind of exhaustion..

I’ve been the work-at-camp-for-11-hours-a-day-for-11-days-in-a-row exhausted.

I’ve been stayed-up-until-four-and-woke-up-at-seven exhausted.

I’ve been prayed-and-prayed-with-no-answer exhausted.

But I have never been a high-on-life-sleep-deprived-hardworking-mentally-drained-journalist exhausted.

I am happy with this new exhaustion. I will sleep very well tonight. Tomorrow will probably seem very long. I will enjoy my days off, but I will probably miss my job and check my work email too many times.

I’m going to do this post in a list form of highlights, since I have written my fair share of coherent sentences this week (links to those groups of sentences otherwise known as articles below).

  • I got to meet with the woman who had my job two years ago and did a fabulous job of it. I finally have a good idea of what I am supposed to be doing. It’s going to be one crazy ride! Today it finally clicked for me today how to listen to the police scanner. I’m sure I will look back at that statement in a few weeks and laugh because it is a skill so basic to my job!
  • Things I have reported on this week: a flipped over car, a 90-year-old veteran who marched in a parade, the destruction of a local high school’s mascot, license-free fishing day, and African-American Civil War Veterans.
  • The article I wrote on hoarders made the front page of the York Daily Record, the larger sister paper of The Evening Sun! For about 24 hours, it had the most hits on the YDR’s website and The Evening Sun’s website.
  • I got to know my coworkers a little better. I spent two nights working in a mostly empty newsroom with one editor. I spent a day driving to and from Gettysburg several times with a photographer, and spent much of my day today with the other full-time photographer. I’m actually remembering people’s names now!

Articles from the week:

WWII Veteran Marches in Hanover (my favorite and best from this week)

Gettysburg cemetery pays tribute to Civil War veterans





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