My life lately (according to my phone)






Yes, I finally got my work phone. It’s been kind of a crazy week for me. So I will visually recap it.







I ordered business cards, which came in this week. How did I live without these for two weeks?




Saturday I got to cover a bunch of neat events, including a Lavender festival.




The last event on Saturday was a pontoon tour of a nearby state park. The photographer got pooped on by a cliff swallow…




Under this portion of the lake is the remnants of the town out tour guide’s mother grew up in. The town was flooded to make the lake to provide water for a local factory, and the lake is part of the state park system.




My roommate had a rough week, which called for various forms of food and crappy TV, including Samoa ice cream.Image


Add coffee to that mix. Really feeling the effects of this work schedule, and I am trying not to feel bad about doing nothing when I actually do have  time off. I’ve been pretty good at doing nothing for the past two days I’ve been off.


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