Every little kid somehow wants to grow up, me included. I always looked forward to the next step: in elementary school, I looked forward to being able to go to youth group. When I was in high school, I looked forward to college. In college, I looked forward to my semester in DC, and then, to the point I am at now.

I always had a general idea of what was to come in life. Now, not so much. Now, there’s more factors in my life to make decisions about; more things to go wrong.

Take my car for instance. It was not in my plans this summer to have to buy a car and use a rental car for two weeks. I did not expect my car to break town twice in a week, the first time on my birthday. Now my least favorite day of the month is the 19th, when one-third of my paycheck zaps itself away from my bank account.

My plan was to be living on my own by now. That plan zapped itself away too, for a variety of reasons. But graciously, I have wonderful friends whose families adopt me. I’ll be living 45 minutes away from work until January, but in the long run, it’s the best decision.

I don’t know what the next step is. I’ve been pleading with God to reveal it to me, but over and over again the answer seems to be to stay put. Stay put in my job, my friendships, as a single woman, in the place I live…

Being an adult is nothing like I expected it to be. In a lot of ways, it is better. In a lot of ways it is worse. I’m learning gratitude goes a long way. I wouldn’t be able to make it through every crisis that comes my way without finding something, anything to be thankful for.


  • Being an adult on my own means I can eat poptarts whenever I want (growing up, Thursday was poptart day).
  • Even though I have to pay bills, at least I have a way to PAY said bills!
  • That I live close enough to take weekend trips to visit my family and most of my friends (which I did last week to visit two of my best girlfriends in New Jersey and Philadelphia and several weeks ago to surprise my family with a visit).
  • That I’m able to put down some roots, knowing I’ll be in this area for a while longer. I’m so used to planning my life semester by semester. Now I can commit to helping out with church and joining Bible studies and such, which I am doing in abundance, starting tonight!
  • That my social life has changed in my post-college life. Honestly, I don’t know how I managed in college. Everything was social in college. I couldn’t even use the bathroom without having a conversation in the hall! I am drained by social interactions (I love being with people, but I need my alone time). My job requires me to be constantly interacting with people and when I get home, I don’t want to be with anyone!  My social life is more structured now: going to a church group with a friend from college in the area on Tuesdays, hanging out with a coworker once or twice a week, and so on. I was really scared I would have no friends after college, but I’m happy with how things are now.
  • For lazy Wednesdays like today where I run errands, hang out in Starbucks, go thrifting, go to church, and of course, pay those bills 😉

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